Grassroutes Eco-initiative

Service Learning
September 5, 2016
Grassroutes Eco-initiative

  • Asian Detours community movement – the very first mangrove clean up exercise to be held in Pulau Ubin
  • Creates awareness and educates participants on the human effects on the mangrove eco-system and its fragility
  • Gets participants involved to do their part in the maintaining of the natural mangrove habitat and for the wildlife
  • Encourages a love for nature and the continuous effort to preserve our environment and its surroundings

  • Learning Highlights

  • Get participants involved and active in environment conservation
  • Hands-on activity makes for a memorable experience
  • Shared experience helps foster camaraderie and team spirit
  • Nurtures responsible and socially involved people
  • Gain knowledge about the mangroves eco-system while at the same time doing our part in its conservation

  • Sessions Available For

    • Corporate Groups
    • Schools
    • Public Groups
    • Mus Effendi, Teacher
      “To find an authentic experience on natural habitats has to be a hands-on experience. This program allowed my students to appreciate this ecosystem and learn in an outdoor classroom. The experience could never be replaced through a video documentary, the sights, sounds and smell of this natural environment could never be experiences unless you are there to experience it firsthand. The program builds on this authentic experience through the sharing on environmental preservation by the well-experienced instructors. We should be more pro-active and work towards a preventive solution towards environmental conservation. It should come from every single individual.”
      Mus Effendi, Teacher
      Innova Junior College
    • Hannah Diyanah, Student
      "It was very meaningful! The program gave me deeper insights of the nature in Singapore and what we have done to the area, for example, littering at these areas. I also became more aware of Singapore’s natural habitat. Before my visit to the mangrove, I didn’t know that there are beautiful places like this that we can visit through kayaking. This hands-on experience made me realize the extent we have done to our environment."
      Hannah Diyanah, Student
      Innova Junior College