I Went Glamping & Cooked Fancy Restaurant Food In Pulau Ubin
October 26, 2017
3 Extremely Unique Team-Building Programmes By Asian Detours
November 13, 2017

For teachers, the idea of ‘Outdoor Team-Building’ may oddly sound more like an activity suited for the students than anything – but we beg to differ. At Asian Detours, our passion for meaningful experiences breathes new life into our programmes. Whether it’s for corporate staff, school students, or school staff, our activities have the flexibility to satisfy various objectives.

So you’ve been zero-ed in to take the reins in organising an internal team-building programme and you’re finding out ways to approach this planning monstrosity. It may seem daunting at first, but once you’ve broken it down, all the feelings of being overwhelmed would have left. So here’s how you can break it down:

Straighten out the objectives

Have a quick chat with the P & VP(s) to harness their thoughts on the agenda of the team-building. Set the direction of the programme together with them! Do note that you should come equipped with a quick analysis of the team’s dynamics – what the team lacks and why you think so.

Settle on a venue

The teambuilding’s venue is an integral part of the programme – an activity that enables the engagement between participant and environment will leave deep impression and learning, especially if it’s a public place.

Let’s say the programme is located at Changi Village. If the activity makes your participant complete memorable tasks around the district, your participant leaves behind bread crumbs of memories around the venue. The next time he/she visits the area, the most vivid memory that’ll resurface will be a scene from the team-building programme!

Nonetheless, the facilities of the venue is very much important in order to manage the fundamental needs of the participants – food, toilet and most important of all, air-conditioning! For Asian Detours, we’ve been working with our own venue partners to ensure that our clients have the very best venue choices. These are some of the locations that we are able to hold team-building programmes:

  • Pulau Ubin
  • Civil Service Club Bukit Batok
  • Civil Service Club Tessensohn
  • Civil Service Club Changi
  • Village Hotel Changi
  • Village Hotel Katong
  • Village Hotel Albert Court

Decide on a suitable activity

Disclaimer: You’ll never attain 100% positive opt-ins from the whole team. As long as you’ve got 70-75% positive response, it’s business time.

The objectives usually comes down to these categories:

1. Bonding between different teams/departments

2. Relaxation Time

3. Re-aligning the school’s values & imparting shared identity

4. Imparting leadership skills

#3 and #4 usually require a workshop session to facilitate an indoor team-building activity. Nonetheless, an outdoor activity should also be conducted to supplement the learning points!

For #1 and #2, consider exciting activities that’ll allow for as much interaction as possible. It’s okay if the whole team is required to split into smaller activity groups – there’s more room for deeper, meaningful engagement in that case!

Here are some activities that Asian Detours can help you with (list is non-exhaustive):


Every year, we execute high quality kayaking tours for hundreds of participants. With the safe and well-grounded boating instructions from our dedicated facilitators, you’ll find yourself on an expedition that’s extremely unique, especially in an urbanised city like Singapore. Experience the beautiful mangroves of Pulau Ubin and perhaps with a stroke of luck, spot the majestic species of birds like Oriental Pied Hornbills and White-Bellied Sea Eagles. Ultimately, kayaking activities are a fun and effective way to foster bonds and enhance collegiate teamwork among colleagues.

Paddling—a great workout for the shoulders and arms—generally requires sync and the combined effort of two individuals in order to manoeuvre comfortably through the currents. Throughout the process, participants learn to communicate, cooperate and empathise.

Interactive Challenge

If you’ve ever played Pokémon GO, you’d be familiar with how our GPS Interactive Challenge works! Orientate around the playing field and unlock tasks placed at different locations. Complete fun challenges as a collaborative team effort and be creative! A live scoreboard of all teams will be showcased for a limited time to compare your progress against other teams.

Bubble Soccer

We recently introduced a team-building activity that’s wholly cool and fun—Bubble Soccer! It stimulates creative thinking skills and is not only focused on physical exertion (although it’s an intense physical workout). Teams can discuss strategies and are challenged to make quick, smart decisions in-game. The game focuses on individual growth – it forces you to face your opponents even if they are stronger and much more athletic. Having said that, Bubble Soccer is a great investment to spur both personal and group achievements at the same.

Laser Tag

Not only is Laser Tag an exciting and refreshing platform to bond with one’s peers, it also cultivates adaptability and decision-making within the participants! The experience gets participants thinking on their feet and letting their creative brain juices flow while moving, manoeuvring, and sneaking around the playing field to avoid being tagged by their opponents.

New Experiences

Having been in the industry for more than 10 years, we are always on the lookout for new experiences. For us to soar to greater heights, we believe that innovation is the way to go. From experimenting with the potentialities of Glamping programmes to creative and healthy Outdoor Cooking, Asian Detours is constantly open to the discovery of new ideas and bringing them to life.

Find a vendor and stay open

The key to a successful team-building event is being transparent, open, and flexible with your team-building vendors. Vendors design programmes that are specific to needs – the more they know about you, the better they design your experience. Form a close working relationship with them and seek their advice on office culture, productivity, and team dynamics matters.

Your vendor isn’t just an ad-hoc supplier. They are consultants that have worked with tens or hundreds of different primary and secondary schools and even the tertiaries. If perspectives are what you’re after, they might just be the ideal support you never knew you needed.

There are an abundance of team-building vendors in Singapore, each with their own unique brand of experience design. The key is to understand your own requirement well in order to match yourself to an apt vendor that you can jive with.

Group Picture

This may sound fundamental, but you’d be surprise at how many organisers forget about calling for a group photo at the end of a programme. Always remember to snap a photo of the team! This is how you’ll be able to present a reminder and refresh the team of the learning points and takeaways from the team-building programme. At the same time, it acts as a memento that represents a time when the team came together for a cause.

Let your vendors know that the group picture is an important requirement!

Organising a successful team-building programme for the team may seem scary at first, but know this: as long as the objectives are clearly outlined and that you have a solid idea of what you’d like to achieve, your vendor becomes a partner you can rely on. Just make sure to remember to be open, transparent, and flexible!

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