Building bonds.
Strengthening links.

Team dynamics are crucial to a business’ performance, and all businesses need a range of skills and capabilities in order for growth and sustainability.

Every business is only as strong as its weakest link. This is especially true for small businesses where entrepreneurs are looking to develop their management team into a full-fledged organization. Where diverse members of a team come together to form an organization, rapport is increasingly important and can add value beyond each employee’s skills. Teams who are able to work harmoniously in cooperation help to contribute significantly to the success of the business.

Steps taken to build and strengthen the team include:

  • Review of business progress and direction
  • Professional performance management
  • Establishing staff training and development
  • Personal performance evaluation and incentives
A SPRING - Health Promotion Board Collaboration

Capability Development Grant (Human Capital Development) for SMEs

Asian Detours is proud to be one of the appointed Consultants under the SPRING-HPB Capability Development Grant project.

With effect from 1st October 2016, companies may apply for the Grant for projects that build sustainable strategies for employee engagement. This Grant is launched with the aim to aid more SMEs in building business capabilities by improving the psychological well-being of the employees.

Qualifying applicants of the Grant can defray UP TO 70% of qualifying project costs on the following:

  • Assessment of company’s employee engagement profile
  • Gaps identification and creation of employee engagement and mental wellbeing solutions
  • Coaching of company leaders on effective implementation of engagement and wellbeing programmes at the workplace
  • Evaluation of interventions

  • Click here to access more details on the CDG Grant (Human Capability Development).

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