Evoking the best qualities in every person

When team building programs are done right, they can evoke the best qualities in employees and teams.

At Asian Detours, we believe strongly in creating shared experiences through adventures, to help develop leadership skills, improve communication, encourage initiative, formulate trust and foster great teamwork. 
With more than 10 years experience, we bring the best equipment, effective instructors and well-designed program concepts that are great fun and create positive impacts to your team.


Through our programs, participants come away with more than a classroom exercise of pretend. In addition, skills learnt by the group becomes the genesis of a form of workplace synergy, which is based on something other than work. With the field experiences having a longer lasting impact, we see longer termed effects of prolonged improvements in COMMUNICATION, TEAM SPIRIT and PRODUCTIVITY.

Popular programs include Mangrove Kayaking Expeditions
, Cycling Trail Adventures
 and Camping Adventures


At times when your itinerary demands it, you may need to hold your team building event indoors. Our range of activities give all of the fun and benefits of team building indoors - whether during a conference or as a dedicated activity day.

We can recommend the perfect venue for your indoor event, or operate at your preferred location.

Themes can be linked to current business objectives and issues. Our instructors are able to give feedback and debriefs to ensure that teams benefit fully from their team building experience. If required, we can also integrate trainers who can work with proven team building theories such as DISC and MBTi to bring new insights to the group.

Our Team Building Solutions

Protecting your most valuable asset


Safety for any program, regardless of outdoors or indoors, is paramount to Asian Detours. We provide comprehensive safety management which includes risk assessment, onsite safety management by our emergency first responders as well as activity specific professional insurance. This expertise and pre-requisite is one of the most important reasons why our clients entrust us with their most valuable assets - their people.
Our team is dedicated to design experiences most suited to your organization’s unique objectives

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