Inspiring social consciousness from young

Social responsibility activities are important to the development of youths as it gives them exposure to larger community or societal issues and inspires them to take an interest in making a difference in society. Such activities and programmes teach youths the values of understanding, empathy, compassion, a sense of purpose and most importantly shape the way they view the world.

No matter the scale of the activity, whether local or internationally run, the objective and process of community and social responsibility activities are what makes it most meaningful to the participants, and at the same time produces well-rounded students who are actively involved in society.

Schools can benefit from this activity in the following ways:

  • Get students involved and active in environment conservation
  • Hands-on activity makes for an impactful field experience
  • Meaningful shared experience helps foster camaraderie and team spirit amongst students
  • Nurtures responsible and socially involved students
  • Students gain knowledge about the mangroves eco-system while at the same time doing their part in its conservation
  • Overall positive effect on the students

Asian Detours' own Eco-initiative - GRASSROUTES - was launched in 2013 with the aims to create awareness about the human effects on the Pulau Ubin mangroves and also to get people involved in our efforts to maintain this piece of natural habitat.

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