Developing confidence and resilience

Adventure and Outdoor Learning is intended to help students develop a strong sense of confidence and resilience.

Our experience shows that participation in our programs fosters the development of personal and group responsibility, and positive, supportive relationships between students. It also provides students with another venue to be successful, to take risks and to grow.

Featured Activites


Sea-kayaking is an ideal medium to conduct outdoor adventure learning programs. It has an easy entry level for participants, swimmers and non-swimmers alike, and it combines all the essential elements to a well-rounded outdoor adventure learning program - fun, excitement, uncertainty and challenge. Sea Kayaking depends on mutual support and trust in fellow paddlers to maintain that vital safety margin. Teamwork and trust are essential elements.

We also offer 1-Star and 2-Star Kayaking Certification Courses. These courses have an easy entry level for participants, and combines fun, excitement and challenge. Our kayaking certification courses are recognised Sports Education Programmes (SEP).

Cycling & Mountain Biking

Most cycling is done on paved roads, but the real joy is in the myriad trails and paths that cyclists can take in seemingly endless loops. Students will experience crossing bridges, cycling atop earthen bunds and technical trails. Beginners are welcome to start on an easier grassier field - the only requirement is a willingness to try, and take a couple of knocks and bumps!

Singapore Cycle Safe by Singapore Cycling Federation

Asian Detours is the Accredited Training Partner of Singapore Cycling Federation for 12 months beginning March 2016.

This 4-level program equips both cyclists and non-cyclists with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to maneuver the cycling paths, roads and at cycling events. In line with both the Ministry of Education's Outdoor Adventure Education Master Plan, and Land Transport Authority's efforts in buiding a safe pro-cycling environment, Cycle Safe Singapore is also recognized under the St John Singapore Badge Proficiency Scheme.

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For St John Singapore enquiries, please click here for the program outline and click here for the video.


The beauty of trekking is that it takes only a day to learn enough to begin, and does not require one to be super fit or a ‘Jungle Jim’ to enjoy, representing the ultimate expression to outdoor life. Trekking, in essence, requires no more equipment than a sturdy pair of shoes and the brains and training wherewithal to use these in the myriad possible ways to orienteer ourselves over ground.


Innovation and entrepreneurship is all about getting off the established trail and moving in unfamiliar territory. The Orienteering activities will allow students to move about in small groups and learn to get from place to place using maps, compasses and very brief descriptions. They will need to use innovative methods and keen observation skills to get to their destination.


An excellent team activity that teaches students practical skills and problem solving. They will be challenged to construct functional items like tables, chairs and gadgets. This is a good learning opportunity for students to interact and work together in achieving a common goal.

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