Themed learning to engage young minds

Flexible parameters to customize challenges based on learning objectives

Asian Detours’ programs are integrated with a learning framework that emphasizes on achieving the well-balanced profile of the students who will be global citizens and leaders with commitment, creativity and courage. And we do this through skills and competency development, character building and teamwork across different learning environments. These shared experiences create a positive impact on the students and help them activate different aspects of capabilities in becoming a confident, responsible and committed individual to make a difference, at home and in the community.

Such themed learning modules are flexible depending on the objectives set out for the challenge - whether to improve the youth's knowledge about a particular place, for purposes of national education, or even to spice up informative journeys such as nature trails. The possibilities are endless.

Whether indoors or outdoors, we have the range of activities and services which give all the fun and benefits of team and character building:

  • Venue recommendation
  • Activity conceptualisation based on your preferred challenge objectives
  • Unique and out-of-the-norm programs designed to maximise the impact potential of the challenge
  • Hands-on or creative challenges to inspire creativity and cooperation between team members
  • Certified instructors and experienced facilitators to execute the challenge
  • Regular feedback and debrief to ensure that individuals and teams benefit fully from the experience
  • Full trauma kits available
  • Activity-specific personal accident insurance

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