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We believe that travel is a best reward as a trip to a unique destination is a great source of motivation.

A carefully and properly planned travel incentive program can educate, increase morale, foster team spirit, enhance loyalty by creating lasting memories and, especially for decentralized organizations and most importantly in our opinion, provide quality time for management to network with top performers.

Our programs are designed to weave your training objectives through outdoor adventure activities which are suitable for all. Comprehensive planning and logistics capabilities enable us to design custom incentive travel programs from destination selection, for groups of all sizes and travel rewards for all types.

Led by our expert program directors and instructors, participants are gradually brought out of their comfort zones through encouragement and confidence building in small, successful steps.

Our services include:
  • Destination recommendations to meet your goals
  • Creative itinerary planning to ensure a lasting and memorable experience
  • Innovative team building activities
  • Communications and promotions to engage your participants
  • Cost controls to keep you on budget
  • Air ticket reservations and accommodation arrangements
  • On-site management (i.e. transport, food and beverages, special needs etc)
  • Gifts and recognition with lasting value

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