Corporate Social Responsibility

Championing community citizenry

The positive impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility on local communities and causes are undeniable.

Such programs do not only affect the participating employees, but its effects are also felt by their families and the larger community.

At Asian Detours, we’ve produced countless CSR programs for clients, involving hundreds of coworkers, attendees and guests working together to deliver care packages to the underprivileged, complete school makeovers for underdeveloped countries, do their part in eco-conservation and so much more. We bring people together in these inspiring experiences and build a camaraderie that is unmatched in any other setting.

Businesses can benefit from this activity in the following ways:
  • Get employees involved and active in social responsibility
  • Hands-on activity makes for an impactful experience
  • Meaningful shared experience helps foster camaraderie and team spirit amongst employees
  • Nurtures responsible and socially involved employees
  • Instills a sense of pride in employees
  • Creates a healthy image for the business
Asian Detours' own Eco-initiative - GRASSROUTES - was launched in 2013 with the aims to create awareness about the human effects on the Pulau Ubin mangroves and also to get people involved in our efforts to maintain this piece of natural habitat.

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