Developing resilience in natural environments

Asian Detours appreciates campsites with natural qualities far exceeding those of the developed world.

As natural as they are, these campsites have little or no infrastructural support, placing the campers in an out-of-the-norm environment.

We bring our expertise and resources together with carefully selected ground operators to provide the best camping experience in Asia. We have a substantial inventory of tents by MSR, and are able to provide field toilets, showers and a field kitchen for up to 50 guests. Our total tent capacity is in excess of 300 participants.

The Value of Outdoor Education

Outdoor education and learning promotes active learning through direct personal experience and offers excitement and adventure within a framework of safety.
Going outdoors provides a dimension of reality in teaching. Challenging outdoor experiences have a powerful impact on a child’s spiritual, social and moral development, contributing to personal growth, social awareness and most importantly developing of skills for life and work.

Effective Outdoor Education provides tools that students can draw upon, when challenged, to find their personal motivation to achieve their goals. Professional coaches are able to guide students to draw from within themselves the necessary determination to overcome challenges set before them.

Our Camp Venues include:

  • Pulau Ubin
  • Sisters' Islands
  • St. John's Island

Aside from the above listed, Asian Detours is able to cater to our clients' needs in practically any free-form camp venue as our camp Infrastructure is purpose-designed to be mobile.

For schools looking to do an overseas camp, we are also able to provide the logistics preparations and program development accordingly. Our previous completed overseas engagements include Grade Level Camp Programs in Malaysia and Indonesia.

For latest updates on Outdoor and Adventure Learning, check out our Quarterly Newsletter for Schools - OUTSIGHTS.

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