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Developing Organizational Core Competencies


With rapid changes in the marketplace, it is increasingly important for organizations to maintain their core competencies in order to make significant contributions and impact to their results. The necessary core competencies include: Innovation
, Quality
, Customer Service
 and Flexibility

The key to business sustainability and performance is an effective and motivated team.

Our biggest value proposition to any organization or team, is our ability to craft learning experiences and engagement that leave a lasting impact. We aim to evoke innovation, challenge in limiting mindsets, build courage and help people to attain fulfillment and success. This is the team culture that we are set to build with organizations.

Developing of 21st Century Competencies


Social and Emotional Competencies

There is increasing emphasis placed on the development of a child’s personal, moral and ethical growth. Knowledge and skills must be underpinned by values, and values define a person’s character. They shape the beliefs, attitudes and actions of a person, and hence form the core of the 21st Century Competencies framework as set by the Ministry of Education.

A person who is schooled in the Singapore Education System is envisioned to have a sound moral compass with the necessary skills and knowedge to take on the challenges of the future. He is responsible to his family, community and nation, and has a zest for life. The achievable social and emotional competencies to build such character are: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management, Responsible Decision Making.

Emerging 21st Century Competencies

The emerging 21st Century Competencies represent the modern, globalised world that we live in. These qualities are necessary to enable our young to capitalise on the rich opportunities of the digital age, while keeping a strong Singaporean heartbeat. These emerging competencies include: Leadership and Communication Skills, Critical and Inventive Thinking, Global Awareness and Civic Literacy.

A combination of both types of competencies forms the framework for the development of today’s youth.

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