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February 20, 2017
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Enhancing Human Capital Development


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A company cannot run on its own unless it has all basic resources and necessities. Besides capital and equipment, human capital also plays a crucial role in the running of a business. Employees play a pivotal role in business operations as they have the knowledge, skill and experience in their respective domains which contributes to the success of the company.

Employees' commitment takes businesses to heights.

Human capital development is important to groom talents and to create opportunities for employees to continuously upgrade their skills. There are several ways that companies can choose to carry out human capital development initiatives:

Build a foundation of team support

There is strength in numbers and shared expertise. Employees learn from cross-functional cooperation, and work more effectively when they feel that they are part of the Big Picture. This team building objective can be achieved by creating collaborative environments where employees have to work together to solve problems or for progress.

Provide incentives to enhance enthusiasm

Rewards for good performance creates a healthy competitive environment for employees perform to their best potential and to constantly seek self-improvement. In the long run, this helps to boost employees' morale and their overall productivity.

Encourage innovation and creativity

Enhance your employees' minds and maintain the encouraging spirit in the company by allowing employees to actively contribute their ideas and feedback. Every individual has their own experience and insights which could prove valuable to the company's progress. When employees feel that their opinions are valued by the company, this creates a positive environment for innovation and collaboration.

Integrated human capital development initiatives can be implemented with a team building learning framework and an emphasis on achieving goals. The options are aplenty, depending on your employee demographics and learning requirements. From indoor learning to outdoor team building, employee engagement to specific skills development sessions, the key is to keep employees continuously engaged and excited to seek self and team improvement.

Grants are now available to aid Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) looking to develop their human capital. Engage an approved consultant for eligibility advice.

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