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January 25, 2017
Enhancing Human Capital Development
March 1, 2017

Driving Growth in your Business with Employee Engagement


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Success of any business or company depends on its people and employees. Building dedication and passion among employees is key to long term sustainability. Companies are increasingly putting efforts to engage in team building and improve employee engagement that leads to the growth of both employees and the business. This concept is gaining popularity and one can observe the same in the corporate world.

Having happy and engaged employees leads to productivity and profitability. This is important for both small businesses and large scale organisations. Employees bring more profit to the organisation only when they are satisfied and happy as well.

Engaged employees will take initiative to come up with new ideas or even solve complex issues. Shaping such conducive environments is crucial and there must be constant engagement to create opportunities for organisations to address all employees. Such activities also promote healthy 2-way communication between employers and employees.

Why Invest in Employee Engagement?

Builds Trust: If you consider Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, trust forms the foundation. Self-actualisation and problem-solving are qualities associated with employee engagement. When employees feel trusted, they perform in their roles with more enthusiasm and participate in solving problems. Team building activities also helps employees understand each other better and be able to work together more effectively.

Encourages Open Communication: Consistent feedback between employers and employees are beneficial both ways, and provide insights into office dynamics and challenges faced. However, this is effective only when delivered in a right and fair manner.

Fosters Respect: Research shows that overall happiness among employees depends on how much their thoughts and opinions are valued in the workplace. The most important part of the session is acknowledging and utilising qualities that each employee brings to the table.

Boosts Morale: Happy employees translate into positive work attitudes, improving the overall work environment. Investing in employee engagement that gives employees opportunities to enhance their skill sets communicate to them that they are important assets to the company. It offers the chance for them to learn new and improved ways to meet the goals and objectives of the company. Positive employees feel more confident about the company's direction and future, and are more willing to work hard to contribute and be actively involved in the company's journey to success.

Getting Started

Ready for the next phase of growth?

Agencies SPRING and Health Promotion Board recognise the importance in building human capabilities in companies, and have collaborated on the Capability Development Grant (Human Capital Development) to help SMEs build their employee engagement by improving the psychological wellbeing of employees. With the Grant, companies can defray up to 70% of qualifying project costs (e.g. consultancy, training costs).

Companies may apply for SPRING’s Capability Development Grant (Human Capital Development) for projects that build sustainable strategies for employee engagement*. Professional consultation is available for companies looking to benefit from the Capability Development Grant, to ease the process of Grant application.

By investing in these strategies, organisations become employers of choice, increasing their ability to attract and retain talent in the marketplace. Build your dynamics right and feel amazing changes in your employees and working environment.

*Applications are subject to SPRING’s approval. The scheme will be reviewed after a one-year term and may be subject to changes.

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