Outdoor Team-Building for School Staff: What to do?
November 13, 2017

Asian Detours is bullish when it comes to ideating new, meaningful experiences. Consequently, our exploration into unchartered ideas spawns countless unique programmes customised to fit the objectives of our clients. From leading a cycling expedition using only oBikes to organising a round Pulau Ubin kayaking camp, our activities are meant for thrill-seeking team-building planners on the lookout for immensely special experiences.

In this article, we reveal 3 unique programmes we’ve conducted to prove how a little bit of imagination, creativity and clear objectives can produce jaw-droppingly cool team-building events!

1. K3: Kayak, Kelong, Kampong

With the first iteration-cum-exploration of the programme, we solidified all safety processes and firmed up the content for this activity. In this experience, our participants enjoyed various aspects of the outdoor and kampong lifestyle. The programme starts out with a typical kayaking activity in Pulau Ubin. This time, after launching off from the beach, instead of paddling into Sungai Jelutong and visiting the Mangroves, or circling Pulau Ketam, the kayak convoy heads into the kelongs.

At the kelongs, participants disembarked from their kayaks with the help of the expedition leaders and the boats were tied to the tires attached on the side of the kelong. As the kelong we visited was a fish farm, we had some free time for a quick walk around the area and had glimpses of the fishes and crabs. One of the kelong workers came in after to lead participants to one of the water nets where the group tried their hands on fishing out Seabasses.

With the fishes netted, it was brought out to an area where we got a chance to try de-scaling and de-gutting them. The experience is definitely not what most Singaporeans are used to – not everyone can announce that they have knocked out a fish that was wriggling so badly while they were de-scaling it. The fishes were then put on a huge plastic bag of ice and was brought back to the kampong house in Ubin.

Back in Ubin, we’ve prepared the barbeque pit and some ingredients for cooking in the kampong house’s porch! We seasoned the fish, marinated with soyu, and put it on the grill. What was served on the dish some minutes after was pretty spectacular – fresh fishes does taste awesome! Located just in front of the beach, the kampong house serves as a reminder of the years past with the programme helping participants appreciate what locals called ‘Kampong Spirit’ or community spirit of the village.


  • Bonding & Camaraderie
  • Sense of adventure
  • Cultural experience

2. Outdoor Cooking

With help from Republic Polytechnic, we conducted a delicious programme – outdoor cooking in a kampong. Don’t be fooled, the dishes that was cooked wasn’t the typical Maggie and egg, the menu was way grander. Soyu-Marinated Salmon, BBQ-Sauce-Marinated Chicken Fillet, Mushroom Rice, Mashed Potato, Cajun Popcorn, Honey-Glazed Roasted Pineapple with Guava Juice Ice-Shaving and Banana Chocolate Smear. I know – the menu sounds ridiculously sinful and gastronomic.

The morning started off with a briefing on the programme flow and the participants were separated into teams. Before the cooking programme itself started, the groups were brought into Sensory Trail for a team-building activity – yes, the programme wasn’t just a any outdoor cooking, there were team-building aspects incorporated into it as well. Being a champion for kampong culture and outdoor activity, the team-building segment was organised to force participants into collaborating with each other in order to finally complete the objectives – even though we mentioned that it was a competitive activity.

With the first part segment done, the participants were brought back to the kampong house where the chefs took over. As this was a pilot programme, we wanted to make sure that the cooking part was firmly equipped with Republic Polytechnic’s talented chefs to fully harness the activity’s potential. The same teams were then given separate tasks. Some were chopping and dicing ingredients, some were grilling the meat, and some were wrapping the banana, chocolate and marshmellows together. Kampong spirit at its best!

After which, all the dishes were placed together. Look at how pretty the results were!


  • Learn a new skill
  • Collaboration
  • Bonding & Camaraderie

3. Kayaking CSR

Another unique programme we conducted was Beach Clean-Up. However, instead of the typical CIP-like clean-up we did back in school, our clean-up was integrated into our staple Kayaking programme!  The activity started out normally: briefing and introduction, kayaking how-tos, carrying the kayaks out to the beach, and launching off. This time, participants brought along these ‘weapons’ with them – tongs and trash bags.

The expedition group headed out to the sea and visited a few beaches through paddling and even went into the Mangroves. The initiative was simple; have fun and be a responsible adventurer. Along the expedition route, participants collected trash that was floating around and the result was pretty astounding. The bags of trash compiled was obvious that beachgoers needed to be more careful of their environment, but at the same time, we were certain that it was a productive job that was well done!


  • CSR
  • Sense of adventure
  • Environmental education

Once-in-a-lifetime experience

This is the most important thing we’d like to inform our potential clients – don’t waste YOUR programme! If you’re thinking of organising a programme that’s impactful and value-adding, then spare no effort. As conduits of meaningful experiences, we are always on the lookout for people with the passion for incredible programmes. Let us help you materialise the dormant ideas in your head. A once-in-a-lifetime experience isn’t just a pipedream, it only requires creativity, imagination, and proper planning!

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